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Gorski Chiropractic Center
Family Chiropractic | Sports Injuries

2 South 517 Route 59
Warrenville, IL 60555

(630) 393-6699


I came into Dr. Gorski's office complaining of headaches due to neck pain and lower back pain. After thorough manipulations and treatment, my headaches have subsided and my neck and lower back are feeling 100% better. Without Dr. Gorski's services, I would probably still be miserable.


Kevin Martin

I had severe pain and stiffness on my left side. I could not stand the pain it was so bad. I could not sleep and could barely walk due to the pain. I could not move my left arm or turn my head because of the pain and soreness. I came to see Dr. Gorski and he treated me and made some adjustments. He made me feel better before I left his office. But before that I thought I was going to die with this condition. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't get some treatment. Dr. Gorski did such a good job that everything is feeling much better now. He is still treating me to make sure it dosen't come back. I am able to move my head, arm and leg now. I am so thankful that I had the treatments from Dr. Gorski.


Marie Slenk

Since I have been a patient of Dr. Gorski at the Gorski Chiropractic Center, I have felt more energetic, slept better, and my sinuses have been draining to the point where I no longer need to take massive doses of prescription medicines on a daily basis. All of these obvious benefits aside, my neck and back problems, which brought me to seek the medical attention of a chiropractic doctor have improved. This improvement was seen almost immediately in that after two sessions, I could actually point to the area of pain instead of living with a generalized set of pains in my shoulders and neck. To this end, Dr. Gorski was able to tailor a treatment plan to address my pains and aches. To date, after several weeks of treatment, my pains are incrementally being alleviated. I must admit at first I was suspect about the result I would see. But after treatment, I now wonder why I waited so long to seek the assistance of a Chiropractic doctor. Dr. Gorski treats his patients with respect and respectively seeks to develop a treatment plan that will systemically heal the source of discomfort. I have tried pills, physical therapy, and then more pills in order to get rid of the pain. These measures had a "quick fix" affect and then the pains and discomfort would return. I believe that with the continuation of treatment, Dr. Gorski will enable me to manage and eventually eradicate the source of the pain, systemically. Dr. Gorski, moreover, was able to lead me to another doctor to address some other health problems and issues. To this end, Dr. Gorski is concerned with the patient's over-all health and the holistic version of health.


Sally J. Zepeda Ph.D.